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Kwik Signs specialise in solar control films, safety and security films, frosted films, auto tint films, UV control films, privacy films and tinted films within Lincolnshire.

Whether you are looking to reduce glare, increase privacy whilst maintaining light or ease the load on cooling equipment - Kwik Signs has a solution for you!

What is Interior Film?

What is Interior Film?

Interior film is a self-adhesive film suitable for application onto a variety of different flat or curved interior surfaces. Our range of self-adhesive PVC films are designed for both flat and curved interior applications.

The air-free adhesive technology used for our interior films ensures that a seamless, bubble free application is installed, lasting up to 10 years with a warranty of 3 years.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our stock bought into the United Kingdom is innovative, functional and designed to give you creative living spaces.

How can we help you create your vision?

How can we help you create your vision?

We offer room transformations of architectural interior surfaces, saving you time and money. Installation leaves you with realistic finishes with the practicalities of Vinyl.

We offer up to 475 different textures and shades and over 400 designs including timber, metal, stone and aesthetic finishes. 

What is PVC?

PVC is used in Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, leisure and transport including Maritime due to its speed of installation and to help save money to maximise occupancy and delay landfill.

PVC is impervious to germs latching onto the surfaces and assists with a good cleaning regime to maintain high levels of hygiene.

LX Interior film is manufactured from PVC, when installing we use zero phthalate plasticizers and no heavy metals, which provides a clean environment after installation.

Examples of Interior Film uses

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